Priscilla Carmichael
Center Director

Priscilla studied voice at Oberlin Conservatory, where she also received a minor in dance, along with an English major from Oberlin College. Priscilla moved to Japan in 1993, where she has worked as a professional teacher, incorporating music and movement into children's English classes. Her interest in quality music education for young children in Japan became more personal when she became a mother of two. Inspired by the positive experience she had with her own daughter participating in East Bay Music Together (California, USA), she returned to the US in 2002 and successfully completed the Music Together® Teaching Workshop developed by the Center for Music and Young Children, Princeton, New Jersey. She founded Azabu Music Together in the spring of 2004. She is now a licensed center director and registered Music Together® teacher.


Mayuka Suzuki

Mayuka Suzuki is a board certified music therapist and a preschool music teacher. She is fully bilingual in English and Japanese. After graduating from Wartburg College in Iowa in 2002 with a Bachelor in Music Education and Music Therapy, she worked as a music therapist in New Jersey before moving back to Japan in 2003. Since then, she has been teaching music at the American School in Japan Early Learning Center. While she has worked with people of all ages, from infant to elderly, Mayuka says she loves working with children the most for their gboundless energy and curiosity.h She also plays the clarinet along with many other instruments. Mayuka completed her teacher training with Ken Guilmarten in April 2007, which is where she says she fell in love with Music Together® .

gI feel very lucky to have found an exciting program that features such a rich variety in music. Although I am still new to the world of Music Together® , Ifve had a blast visiting Priscillafs classes and I am looking forward to learning more with the Azabu Music Together families. Working with children, you learn so much from them every day. They keep reminding us that our possibilities are endless!h


Annie Knight

Annie grew up in Scotland in a household of music lovers and makers. It made for a lively environment and instilled a love of music making in Annie. She went on to learn many instruments before settling on the piano and baroque recorders and has taken part in various chamber music groups and choirs.

Annie graduated from the University of Manchester with an honours degree in Music, MusB (Hons) where she studied performance, composition, aesthetics of music, musicianship skills and more. Although Annie has had a formal musical training her passion lies in making music for fun and sharing the joy of music in informal settings. One of her favourite things to do is to get together with her family and make music! She loves pretty much all types of music from all over the world from Okinawan folk music to medieval chants.

Annie came to Japan in 2003 and taught English for many years before having her daughter in 2011. When her daughter was 7 months old, she enrolled in a Music Together® class and instantly fell in love with the program. Annie was so happy to find a program for families with young children that offered quality music that she decided to take the training. She successfully competed the training in November 2012 (Tokyo) and started teaching in her own centre in Kunitachi in early 2013. She is thrilled to become part of the Azabu Music Together teaching team and looks forward to meeting lots of families.


Kikuko Agyeman

When Kikuko first discovered Music Together®, she was so impressed with the genuine sense of joy experienced by both children and adults through making music that she decided to travel to the US to undertake the Music Together® teacher training in August 2002. It was there that she coincidentally met Priscilla.

After completing her Music Together® training at the Center for Music and Young Children®, Kikuko founded Music Together® of West Nagoya, where she directed and taught from 2003 to 2007. With much regret, Kikuko had to leave her center behind when her family moved to Tokyo due to her husband's work transfer, but found renewed joy and inspiration in opening her new Music Together center in Koganei and Fuchu and meeting her new families there. She has also been consulting for Azabu Music Together as a Teacher Mentor since moving to Tokyo.

Besides mentoring and teaching at Azabu Music Together, Kikuko is currently composing English songs for Japanese elementary schools as well as running her own Music Together® center in Koganei and Fuchu, which started in Winter 2008. Kikuko began teaching Music Together® in 2003 as a center director and teacher, and she has had extensive experience working as an English teacher for children. Her musical background includes 15 years of piano and electronic organ study.

Kikuko is very excited to see families enjoying Music Together® in Tokyo. She is looking forward to having fun and sharing her musical delight through this great program with her newfound community. Her style of facilitating classes always engages everyone present, from babies to adults, navigating them through a diverse world of rhythm and music. We are thrilled to have Kikuko's expert teaching skills and buoyant enthusiasm here at Azabu Music Together.


Kyoko Kameue

Kyoko grew up playing the piano. As a student, she traveled to Australia and fell in love with the country. She left music school in Japan to attend the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she studied piano and cello. After graduating, she returned to Japan and enjoyed a wide range of jobs using her music and English skills. She became increasingly interested in early-childhood education and improvisational music and started a career as a eurythmics teacher and ballet accompanist. Her marriage led her to California, where she encountered Music Together® in 2006. Impressed by the beautiful music and warm community, she decided to take the Music Together® teacher training course, and since that day has been enjoying Music Together® at home, in the car, as well as in her classes. In 2007, Kyoko returned to Japan and became a mother. In 2008 she established her own center, "Berry Music," in Chofu. She looks forward to the growth of this loving musical community as she makes music with the families at her center.

Kyoko says, "When I encountered Music Together®, I wished I had grown up in such a wonderful musical environment. I wondered how much more I would be able to express musically today, and how much more enjoyment that would have brought to my life. I hear similar sentiments expressed by many of my musician and artist friends. Music Together® has given me so much in the eight years since I started." One music educator from the US said this after observing our class: "I doubt that any child who is given a time of such happiness would ever grow up to become the kind of adult that would hurt another person." I sincerely hope that is true as I make music together with the families I love.


Stephanie Blind

Music has been an important part of Stephaniefs life for as long as she can remember. She began by figuring out Beatlesf songs on the piano and quickly discovered a love for Schubert, Chopin and Beethoven, too! This passion took her to Ithaca College in New York, where she received a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, and then to Australia, where she received a Masters of Music Studies in Piano Performance and Teaching from the University of Melbourne.

After graduate school, she discovered a second love: teaching children. Her first job was teaching general music to kindergarten and elementary students in her hometown area of Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 2005. Since then, she has taught elementary music and piano to students at Seisen International School and Nishimachi International School (Tokyo) and Lake Forest School for the Arts and Beaches Episcopal School (Jacksonville, FL).

Her son, Connor, was born in 2012 and it was then that she discovered the magic of Music Together® . Not just another mommy and me class, this program is truly authentic and unique. The CD recordings are of the highest quality and the choice of songs is diverse and thoughtful; she found herself listening to the music even if Connor wasnft in the car! She attended Music Together Teacher Training in San Francisco, January of 2014 and has just opened her own center, Imagine Music Together, in Ebina.






"We have attended but two classes in the Sticks collection and i'm not sure who has enjoyed the classes more: me or my 3 and a half year old. We hear the CD all the time and already I hear her humming, singing and dancing to the music, sometimes consciously sometimes sub consciously. It is so GREAT to have music in our lives again... I love that MT is so well researched and has to much theory and explanation to back up the practical stuff we do in class. Thank you P. love and hugs: sonal"